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Welcome to the Classic Rock California Website!

Classic Rock California -
Free Classic Rock
Online Internet Radio

The Best Free
Classic Rock Music
24 Hours A Day
Commercial Free.
Completely Legal.

You have found
one of the Best
Classic Rock Radio

We play the top
Classic Rock hits
of the 1960's through

We don't play the same
20 songs over and over
again. We play a wide
variety of songs.

We play many live and
rare versions of songs.

There are thousands
of Classic Rock songs
in our music library!

We use Digital Sound
Processing to improve
the sound quality.

Our station is
commercial free.

We stream to you
in High Definition.

Our stream is Dolby®
and Spatial Audio®


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Featured Artist
of the Month
The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
are going on tour :
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Classic Rock California
The Best Classic Rock
Hits Commercial Free!

The Beatles, The Rolling
Stones, Pink Floyd,
The Who, Led Zeppelin,
Aerosmith, Supertramp,
The Doors, Eric Clapton,
Eagles, Genesis,
Foreigner, Tom Petty
and more are all
played here.

Classic Rock California
is a Not For Profit
radio station.

Listen as long as
you want 24 hours
a day for free.


Classic Rock California
is a Legally Licensed
Internet Radio Station

Classic Rock California SOCAN Music Licensing

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